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Wyshlist is on a mission to empower creators and influencers to monetize their content and grow their influence
Collaborate and create on wyshlist to increase your influence and earnings

Empower Creators

  • Build your business

    Helping you in growing your influence and running a solid business

  • Create indpendence

    Assisting you in becoming independent and endorsing any brand you like without any intermediaries

  • Freedom to create

    Providing you with creative freedom to help you do business as you like

  • Enable creator commerce

    Making you a part of the booming creator commerce economy

Creators Network

  • Your personalized store
  • Choose the products your audience might like and add them to your store

  • Network of premium brands
  • Market the prodcuts of premium brands without any intermediaries' invlovement

  • Unlimited earnings
  • More your audience buys, more you earn. No upper limit on your earnings

  • We grow together
  • Exclusive access to resources to help you monetize your content better than ever

Wyshlist Creators Network to increase your income and influence

Start your Business in

4 Simple Steps

  • Connect with brands on wyshlist
    Browse and build your own store
  • promote brands from wyshlist to earn more
    Endorse store or a specific product on your social media account
  • shop on wyshlist and promote wyshlist to earn more
    Encourage customers to buy the desired products through your regular content
  • increase your followers with wyshlist and earn via instagram
    Earn for every order that customers place via your referral
shop on wyshlist and promote wyshlist to earn more

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